A cruise along a canal can be a wonderful opportunity to slow the pace of life and be mindful..

mindfulness breaks along the bridgewater canal

Enjoy the moment as we cruise down the waterways taking in the wildlife and bird song along the way, enjoying peace and tranquillity and allowing yourself just to be.

Relax on our front deck

Relax on our front deck and enjoy the calm atmosphere of the countryside passing by. Be the first to see a Kingfisher!

Spend some time at the back of the boat socialising with the skipper & crew, helping with the lock gates on some cruises and having a go at driving!

Delve into our books, maps and guides

Gain a deeper appreciation of the local history, countryside and heritage along the waterways we travel whilst delving into our books, maps and guides.

Experience the warmth of the folk you meet in the market towns and traditional canal side pubs along the way, enjoying the local beers, good food and live entertainment as it comes.

Do something calming

Do something calming, free from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Capture the moment as the countryside unfolds before your eyes through sketching, painting or photography.